Amir Houieh

👋 Hey this is Amir. I am the Creative Lead at Status. I've previously co-founded Suslib. Besides, I am indie-making Unbody.io and Hiro.

I explore, research, experiment, and create where technology, creativity, and design intersect. I combine my design knowledge with a wide range of technologies —mainly Machine Learning and Web technologies— (and yes web3 too) in order to create products and systems in an alternative and futuristic way. I believe in a future which we deserve now; a maker who does not want to wait for the future. Currently there is a gap between the “development” of technologies and the “applications” of those techs in our daily life. My passion and goal is to close this gap. This next to my keen entrepreneurial attitude has led me to initiate and run multiple interdisciplinary projects and products.


Projects, lectures and workshops.

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Visual Pollution