Amir Houieh

Amir Houieh is a Designer and Creative coder/technologist and instructor of both fields. I explore, research, experiment and create where technology and design intersect. I design the design process. I have been developing a consciousness towards the tools and the medium I choose for my design; programming and creative technologies has become a powerful tool for me and digital media an endless medium. I formulate the design process into code and transform data into interactive narratives. Last few years I have focussed on web-based projects and particularly research, design and development of applications/platforms about information flow in digital environments; how we consume and produce the information in digital realm. As next step I am trying to engage more with physical environments and interactions. And explore the new possibilities of bridging physical space to digital and vice versa through creative technologies such as deep learning, augmented reality and distributed-decentralized content models —please have a look at my last two ongoing projects.

Since July 2016 (when I graduated from Royal Academy of Art, The Hague - KABK), I have been giving lectures, workshops and also teach in the field of design and creative coding and technologies. As September 2017, I have been teaching at Graphic Design department at Artez, University of Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The course titles Digital Media in which we focus on the intersection of technology and programming and design.


A collection of my highlighted projects, lectures and workshops.

Visual Pollution

This is a progressive/auto-generated archive of my commitment to visual pollution between 2012 and 2016 at Royal Academy of Art-The Hague where I studied graphic design. The content of this page is programmatically collected and processed from my old HDD drive. The content is updated in form of small batches till the day I finish archiving all the projects of these 4 years


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